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Bug-A-Lugs recognises the significance of water safety, extending our commitment beyond local settings. We believe it's crucial for children, even those from rural areas, to acquire beach safety skills. As part of our initiative, we team with Life Saving Victoria to organise annual life-saving skill sessions in Port Melbourne.

Quality Standards

We are super excited and proud to announce that after our recent assessment and rating visit by the Department of Education resulted in Woodend Bug-A-Lugs (2023) and Kyneton Bug-A-Lugs (2024) receiving an exceeding rating against the National Quality Standards. What occurred in the assessment and rating process? An authorised officer from the Department of Education and Training has undertaken a rigorous assessment of the quality of Woodend Bug-A-Lugs against the National Quality Standard (NQS) and the Education and Care Services National Regulations under the National Quality Framework in accordance with the Education and Care Services National Law Act. The authorised officer collected evidence needed to assess and rate the service, including: observing - what children, families, educators, co-ordinators and are doing discussing - why and how certain practices happen at the service with educators and children and families sighting - the documents that are in place to support the practices required by the National Law and National Regulations. We are very proud of our high standards of exceeding rating, at both Woodend and Kyneton.

Child Safe Standards

It’s everyone’s business to implement and meet the 11 new child safe standards. At Bug-A-Lugs we pride ourselves on our adherence to these standards.

Watch our safety video

Our Philosophy


Our philosophy is to provide a nurturing environment for school aged children which promotes learning through play. We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we work and live, and recognise their continuing connection to land, water, and community. We pay our respects to the Elder’s past, present and emerging. Our Children: Bug-A-Lugs creates an inclusive child centred program based on the My Time, Our Place learning framework, which respects and caters for each Childs’ individual needs. We believe that every child has the right to an exceptional standard of care. We are committed to providing a safe, secure, and nurturing community of practice. This supports children to express themselves, their cultures, beliefs and embrace the individuality of others. Bug-A-Lugs promotes a community that supports the positive mental health and wellbeing of all children. We offer a range of engaging play and leisure experiences where children have fun while learning through their natural desire and ability to play. Our Families: At Bug-A-Lugs our relationship with families is of utmost importance and therefore we feel family input is crucial. We strive to develop supportive relationships with families based on open communication and sharing of knowledge and skills. We value each family’s unique structure, culture and beliefs when planning to encourage respectful and inclusive relationships. Bug-A-Lugs offers an open-door policy in which families are encouraged to join play-based experiences. We invite families to put forward suggestions and ideas that they feel represents the ‘personality’ of our centre. Our Community: We encourage our children to apply healthy and sustainable life habits, through the environment and health programs. We also encourage children to reflect on their impact on their community and the environment. This will nurture a respectful and diverse community in which everyone is committed to work positively together. Our Staff: We believe passionate staff help to enrich the environment to support children’s development and wellbeing. Our diverse team of educators bring a range of individual skills and interests which contribute to create an exciting, engaging, and fun program for all children. Our team are positive and approachable. We are committed to continuous self-reflection and evaluation of the Quality Improvement Process (QIP) for better outcomes for children, staff, families, and the community. Here, we would like to acknowledge past and present educators as without their hard work, passion and dedication Bug-A-Lugs would not be where it is today.


At Bug-A-Lugs, we hold a fundamental belief: every child should have access to top-quality care with an unwavering emphasis on their safety and well-being. This belief guides everything we do. Our Environment We are dedicated to creating and upholding a safe, secure, nurturing, and warm environment for every child. In our setting, children feel not only welcome but also respected and included. We encourage each child to embrace their unique qualities and nurture positive self-worth. Throughout our program, we integrate practices that promote positive mental health and well-being, ensuring that children feel safe and supported at all times. Our Educators As educators, our deep passion lies in nurturing every child's social, emotional, and developmental growth. The Bug-A-Lugs team works collaboratively to create an ethical and harmonious environment that promotes positive relationships. Each educator brings their unique passions, interests, and skills, forging a culture of diversity and inclusion alongside the children. Our unwavering dedication extends to the continuous process of quality improvement, with the ultimate goal of better outcomes for children, educators, families, and the community. Our Relationships Our goal is to foster and sustain positive relationships with families through transparent communication and the exchange of knowledge and skills. We hold deep respect for each family's distinct structure, culture, and beliefs, enriching our environment and programs. We actively invite children and families to share their ideas and offer feedback as part of our ongoing improvement process. Our open-door policy ensures that families and children have a voice and an active role in shaping Bug-A-Lugs, where their input is not only valued but also promptly acted upon. Our Community We believe involving children in authentic experiences within our community fosters each child's sense of belonging and their awareness of diversity. We often partner with local organisations and participate in local events to promote community engagement. This nurtures children's empathy and understanding of the unique contribution of individuals within their community. Our Program Our program is based on the My Time, Our Place learning framework and is designed through collaboration with educators, children, families, and our local community. We offer a range of engaging play and educational experiences that facilitate the inclusion of every child. Through play-based learning, we encourage investigation, imagination, and exploration. We implement and model sustainable and healthy lifestyle practices, providing opportunities for children to learn about the importance of healthy eating and active play. Indigenous Culture We acknowledge and embed Indigenous culture and learning within Bug-A-Lugs, thanking and respecting the First Peoples' past, present, and future. A Heartfelt Appreciation We wish to extend our heartfelt appreciation to both past and present educators, whose unwavering dedication, boundless passion, and tireless efforts have played an invaluable role in shaping Bug-A-Lugs into what it is today.

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